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Getting the best coffee

Peaberry Coffee Lab is about one thing, and that is making the best possible coffee. What that means is fresh, roasted to perfection, the taste is an experience, and we strive to present each coffee its unique flavour.  Whether you are enjoying it at the end of a fine dining or in the morning getting the start of your day.

Roasting approach

For us the roasting process is entirely about highlighting the unique and sometimes subtle nuances of the coffee we have. We are continuously refining our roastery and investing in the latest roasting technology. We create individual roast profiles that promote the greatest aspects of the green bean.

The roast masters that we work with are 2nd and 4th generation coffee roasters.
Hand selecting the most highly sought-after green coffee beans from around the world and developing a roasting style which they learned from years of knowledge and training from the industries top people.

The Workshop Coffees are roasted on our state-of-the-art Loring S15.

Ethically sourced

We ensure the partners that we worked with source coffees in responsible & ethical manners; from micro-farmers, smallholder farms or family-owned farms, which is of the highest rating and always in the most ethically and sustainable way.

We are, of course, hugely focused on the cup profile, looking for coffees with a clean character and lots of sweetness. Each coffee we source goes through a strict process of developing a roast profile to ensure we are maximizing the potential of the coffee and achieving the full taste potential of the coffee. We are dedicated to our products, our team and our customers.


Coffee roasting is a form of art. We source and roast some of the finest specialty grade green coffees. In every coffee that we source, we seek to uncover and underline its unique character and taste. The green beans are taken through a process in a small batch where in the hands of the roast master they evolve from green to roasted with all the craftsmanship, and science that required to get the aromas, the flavors, and the structure of the coffee.


To ensure freshness, we roast on demand, in small batches and upon receipt of our customers’ orders. All roasted coffee is bagged for freshness immediately after roasting. We are striving to dispatch all the orders within 3-5 business days of receiving them (usual exclusions for Federal, major holidays and weekends apply).


We are always searching for new coffees that have personality and are defined by their origins. Our challenge is always to take these beans and roast them to how that coffee should be best experienced, fresh and full of flavour. On our website you can always find a large range of the coffee we have on offer, and we ship all across U.S.

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  • V60 Pour Over

    Pour over is the perfect brew method to understanding the nuances of speciality coffee

    V60 Method 
  • Espresso

    Turn yourself into a real home barista with our Espresso Brew Buide

    Espresso Method 
  • AeroPress

    AeroPress is a fun and very versatile brewing method

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