Siphone Vacuum Brew Method

This coffeemaker uses the expansion and contraction of water vapor caused by alternating temperatures to draw hot water through coffee grounds. It requires more effort than other brewing methods but produces a clear, crisp cup.

Items you need:
Digital kitchen scale, burr grinder, Siphon coffeemaker, spoon, bamboo stirrer, coffee cups, water, freshly roasted single-origin coffee beans is highly recommended.

Let's get started:
1. Set up your coffeemaker according to the manufacturer’s directions. Soak the filter in warm water and then place it in the correct position.
2. Depending on capacity, add 1.25 to 1.66 cups (300 to 400 g) of water. Put the coffeemaker over the heat source and turn it on.
3. Measure out 0.33 (25 g) cup of coffee beans and use a burr grinder to grind them medium-fine.
4. When the water has transferred to the top chamber it should be close to 203°F (95°C). Use the bamboo stirrer to make sure that the filter is in place, then add the freshly ground coffee to the upper chamber, gently agitating the water so that the grounds are fully submerged within a few seconds.
5. Reduce the heat slightly to about 194°F (90°C), make sure to keep it to a level, if let it fall to a level that will cause premature dropdown. Let the coffee brew for 1 minute without stirring while it degasses and bubbles. Do not let the water boil too rapidly.
6. Remove the coffeemaker from the heat. Agitate the water with the stirrer to break the crust, the coffee will extract into the lower chamber. Remove the siphon vessel and serve the coffee.

Type of coffee:
We would recommend single-origin whole bean coffee.

Roast profile:
We would recommend a medium roast. Beans that are roasted to this profile are the sweetest in flavors.
Of course, you can go even dark roast if you prefer, but this brewing method is complementary to subtle flavors.

Grind size:
The size of your grounds affects the rate of extraction. Make sure you grind the beans medium-fine using the burr grinder.

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