V60 Pour Over Method

The Hario V60 method has become one of the most widely used brewing processes in specialty coffee shops around the world, due to its consistency and the ability it provides to maintain complete control over the strength and body of the coffee. By changing the size of the grind, you can control the speed at which you want to brew the coffee. With a coarse grind, the preparation time will be faster. On the contrary, if you use a finer grind the preparation will take longer.

Faster brewing with the V60 generally results in a brighter, lighter cup. What differentiates this method from the automatic filter is the control over all the preparation variables, from the water temperature to the pouring speed.

Its name comes from the vector 60, the 60-degree angle of its cone. The V60 method was initially made in ceramic and glass, then in plastic and finally in metal.

The V60 is simply composed of a cone and a filter on the cup or carafe in which the coffee will be served. It is one of the simplest methods.

Let us guide you through this well-known method by showing you our recipe and guidelines.

Equipment needed:
• V60 brewer
• Paper filters
• Server
• Kettle
• Scale
• Grinder (hand or electric)
• Fresh Speciality coffee (order here)

Recommended Recipe:
• 15 g of coffee
• 250 ml of water
• Grind size – Medium – Coarse
• Water temp – 92 – 96 ℃
• Brew Time – 2:30 min

Our Guidelines
Traditional Method
• Weigh 15 gr of coffee on the scale and grind it just before you start brewing
• Place the filter paper into the V60 brewer
• Start heating your water to the desired temperature (use filtered water as tap water will give the brew a harsh taste)
• Place your server on the scale and on top place the V60
• Rinse with hot water the filter paper and preheat the brewer and server
• Add your fresh grinded coffee – 15 g
• Start your time on the scale
• Pour gently on top 56 ml of water for the bloom stage which will take 30 sec
• After 30 sec add 70 ml of water and wait 10 sec
• After the 10 sec add 125 ml of water, this will bring you up to 250 ml of water, our desired quantity
• Gently right after we poured all the water give the brewer a nice swirl to have an even extraction through the bed of coffee
• Let all the water drip through the coffee bed
• Remove the brewer from the server, remove spent coffee, clean with hot water, no soap, and place the brewer to dry
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